Hello fellow readers! As the title says, in today’s post I’m going to be reviewing the books I’ve read during the first 15 days of the month of March. I don’t know why but somehow I feel like this month hasn’t been the best when it comes to reading a lot, since I’ve only finished 4 books. I’ve fallen into a mild reading slump mainly due to a book I’m currently reading which hasn’t been that interesting, but anyhow, let’s get onto what I’ve read this month so far!

The first book I finished this month was weareoka new release that I had been meaning to get to since the day I saw the cover, and that is We Are Okay by Nina Lacour. I mean, how can you not want to read a book that has such a stunning cover? I gotta admit that this one was a cover buy for me, since I had not read any of Lacour’s previous novels, so I had no idea what to expect from it, even though I had heard so much praise for her other novel Everything Leads To You, and I’m glad I gave her a chance. This book follows the story of Marin, a freshman in college and her struggle to cope with the grief and pain that she’s going through. Marin appears to be a loner, but that changes when Mabel, a friend from the past, appears in her life again and seeks answers as to why Marin cut everyone off from her life and decided to start anew. We Are Okay is a very emotional book that captures extremely well a different way in which a human being may cope with grief by denying it and isolating from everyone one care’s about. It’s a story about letting go, second chances from past friends and more than friends, and knowing that no matter how far we run from our past, it always catches up to us. 10/10 would recommend.

After that, I thought why not try to fulfill one of my reading goals of 2017, which is to read at least 5 classics, so I picked up the spanish translation of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I have to admit that I was gladly surprised by how much I enjoyed this one, even though at some points it got extremely dense in terms of writing style. The story follows Dorian Gray’s luxurious life and his friendship with Lord Henry Wotton who soon becomes almost like the devil on his shoulder, and how Dorian’s life seems to turn upside down after Basil, an artist, decides to make a portrait of Dorian. We all know how the story goes, while Dorian remains forever youthful and beautiful, the portrait absorbs all of his sins and the passing of time. The story is quite dark bordering the supernatural, and though the middle part seemed to drag on mainly due to Wilde’s never-ending sentences and paragraphs, the ending did not disappoint at all. A very solid 4 star story.

The first disappointment of March wasdarkmatter Dark matter by Blake Crouch. This book had been all over booktube last year, and I had to know what all the hype was all about. Unfortunately, this book did not meet the expectations I had for it. The story follows Jason Dessen, a university professor who is constantly asking whether he made the right choices in his life and what his life could have been had he not married the woman of his dreams and had a son. His life, however, changes when he is kidnapped and dragged onto an abandoned plant by a mysterious man who ends up drugging him. When he wakes up, Jason seems to be in an alternate universe living the life he could have had if he had chosen a different path for his life. The fact is that, even though I’m extremely interested in theories of alternate or parallel universes and the possibility that exists of our different choices being played out in these different realities, the book did not manage to surprise me in any aspect of it. The dialogue was simplistic with many sentences not making any sense whatsoever, and the ending was very anticlimactic with little to no plot twist at all.logo


2 thoughts on “1-15 MARCH WRAP UP

    • Celeste says:

      I know!! I was expecting to love it, since I had heard so many great things on booktube and such, but it was definitely not my thing. I think that the writing style put me off, and it was also kind of predictable. But I think that the majority of the people who read it loved it, so you should totally check it out 🙂

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